Michael Muller

The last addiction of the Banquet Hall

The last addiction of the Banquet Hall

When music, wine and women cease to thrill

- Is scholarship. When all is fed and full

The glutton mind for lore is hungry still.


My youthful appetite once whet

Through shelves of ripening books I madly ate,

Consuming works of experts old and new

Who peddle lies they half-believe are true.


Thus contradicting flavours filled my mind

Rendering science lame, religion blind.

Explain why 'expertise' - if not a game

Refutes its peers, when all should know the same.


So like a sleuth I questioned every work

And straightened each bent truth that tried to shirk

Its duty to maintain its rightful place

- And by this toil returned their lies to grace.


I was a master glutton in my time,

Could stomach every kind of verse and rhyme

And munch the dry old scientific fare

But now my belly has gone slack with care.


"I can't contain the lore of man," I sigh

"Nor learn the merest part before I die.

There's so much pastry all around the pie,

Give me the plum and let the rest go by..."


My belly-mind was bettered by the feat

And now in modest measure do I eat

And chew it well, and thoroughly digest

- A little scripture, aye, and leave the rest.

Michael Muller

was born in Ireland in 1981 and Lives in Sneem in Co. Kerry.

He was an award winner at the age of twelve in the first Poetry In The Round competition and has been writing stories and poetry from a very young age.

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