Robert Fleming

I am Herne, I am Cerne


Child of earth, Child of light

God of Wild, God of bright

Father's brother, Mother's lover


In the wood on the wind

On the hunt in the front

Out ahead, horns ahead

Feet of fleet, fast not loud

In a blur pass o'er the ground


King of stags regal proud

Thunders through earthbound cloud

Knows to live, knows to die

Passing through the whirld's eye


Movement missed, in the mist


Phallus proud, round and 'rect

In the shadow, in the wet

Shaft of earth, shaft of light

Round the fire, round the night

Plunging thrusting pushing well

Vulva bell, to Votive well

Shooting seed, gift to light

God to Goddess moonlight bright

Deep encaved on winter's night

Warmed furs, bed of fire

In the dark, round the hearth

Laying still breathing filled

Stars beneath womb bequeathed

Light beat thrumming, heartbeat drumming

Quickens life in Goddess wife

Robert Fleming

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